12-Mar Sunday 9am-1pm AMY


All new fresh 5’s, secondary lead lines, new combos, and the same great spirit! Meet me in the magic of group improvisation! 

12-Mar Sunday 2pm-5pm EBONY

The Bellydance Wildcard

Let’s play with versatility. Express your varied dance roots by exploring the delicate art of unexpected fusion in a way that is tasteful, respectful and fun. Learn how strong technique and fluidity can create a harmonious balance between genres. Drill combos that introduce samba, popping or other styles into belly dance. Practice reacting to music and embracing contrasts: graceful vs. clunky, speedy vs. slow. Dance shoes recommended, but not required.

13-Mar Monday 9am-1pm AMY

GENERATING and embracing your YES

You know I how do it … all yes all the time! Silent the critic and feed the creation. Tools and methods to get out of the mud and into the joy of creating. See you in the YES!

13-Mar Monday 2pm-5pm EBONY

Joyful Movement Experience

Let’s tap into having fun and feeling good by practicing a unique spin on contemporary belly dance. We’ll play with combinations which fuse modern urban styles found in hip hop, retro funk styles such as locking, and the timeless art of raqs sharqi. Let’s build coordination, work on isolating movements, and expand our dance styles with fun travel steps. This workshop will be high energy, prepare to sweat and have fun. Dance shoes recommended, but not required.

14-Mar Tuesday 9am-1pm SADIE


Proprioception is the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within our body.
We are often focused on aesthetic trends within dance. How does it look, and how do I look. To take our dance to the next level we need to ask how does it feel and how do I translate what I feel through movement.
Proprioception is how we show up on stage!
Technique is just the foundation. We must also explore meaning, feeling, exploration and the dialogue between emotion and movement.
If you haven’t internalized the movement, if it doesn’t have meaning to you, if it doesn’t behave as a response mechanism in your body and it doesn’t reach your audience.
Let’s discover the power of movement within your body and have you creating through embodied reaction and response.


14-Mar Tuesday 2pm-5pm ASHLEY

Splits, Backbends and Arm Balances, Oh My!

Interested in expanding your movement capacity? In this workshop you’ll go through a full strength, joint stability and mobility, leg flexibility and balance, arm flexibility and balance and back-bending training session to see how (and what it takes) to bring your body to its next physical level. No experience? No problem! Options will be offered for absolutely ALL levels and abilities. We’ll also talk about sequencing and how to get into and out of big tricks in a dancerly, graceful sequence made of stuff that YOU can do right at this moment, so you’ll walk away from class with a functional, safe and performable sequence of your own! Please bring a mat, knee pads, and a yoga block if you have one.

15-Mar Wednesday 9am-1pm DEB

Advanced Layers & Stage Dynamics

Introducing to you: New fluid pathways, sinewy upper body slink layered over rhythmic hips–How to build mindmelding layers up, drill them, refine them, and learn which muscles to use to create them safely. Then how to add dynamics and suspension to create wow factor on stage, and be able to make them your own with your own unique voice.   In this 3 hr workshop, that guides you from the mat, to the dance, to the stage, you will learn how to unlock even more from your serpentine fluidity, body’s flexibility & control, so that you can deepen your movement quality and stand out on stage with the ultimate controlled gooey factor you seek, build your advanced layer, and create your own pathways.

It’s an ultimate Fluidity intensive, mixed with A Layering intensive… with a side of artistry development to make it your own.

Warm up includes some of Deb’s Signature Dance Therapeutics Fascia Flow training methods to unlock the spirals of your body so you can access way more of your body’s movement potential, unwind tension in back, hips, & shoulders for more upper body fluidity,  and allow you float your bones.  We’ll add in some of my signature Fluid Core Dance conditioning to isolate and refine your technique.

A mix of technique, artistry, & therapeutics rolled into one, to help you unlock more of body’s dance ability, & your unique voice as an artist.

15-Mar Wednesday 1pm-9pm HAFLA!

Shopping & Community Hafla! 

Right in the studio, our community hafla and shopping event will take place from 1pm to 9pm, stay and socialize! 

16-Mar Thursday 9am-1pm HEATHER

Dance Flow Yoga

Heather Stants signature Dance Flow Yoga is a full-body movement practice blending dance technique with breath to movement flowing yoga. In this class students will move through a floor-based, thorough warm up, drill balance focused sequences across the floor, and then move through a full Dance Flow Yoga sequence with focus on strength, stamina, breath, and fluidity. This is a very active practice style that celebrates the space between the shapes. It’s about the journey, not the destination. Please bring a mat or blanket to use as a bit of knee padding for the warm up and restorative closing.

16-Mar Thursday 2pm-4pm Ashley

Musical Timing and 3/4 Shimmies

This is a drills and vocabulary class with a twist of music theory attached to it! Learn the basics of musical counts, note values and time signatures in order to apply them to rhythms and the timing of 3/4 shimmies. We’ll go through the gamut of 3/4 shimmies, giving you a wide base of traveling shimmy vocabulary, so that by the end of class you feel confident that you understand how to apply musical timing precisely to your technique!

17-Mar Friday 9am-1pm ZOE

Tell me a story:

What is that final touch that truly makes a performance piece sing? In this workshop we will explore tools to bring an act to life, tools that Zoe has been using successfully for years to create nuanced performances that tell a story. Bring a notepad and an open mind, and be prepared to think of yourself as a storyteller. You will leave this series with a clear path to bringing a dance to life, and new ways to connect with and touch the audience.

Each day we will be doing an hour long warm up and fusion bellydance drills, and then we explore all 3 topics in digestible mini workshops so that by the end of your time with me you will have been immersed in each topic for days!

17-Mar Friday 2pm-4pm AMY

Improv Team Sync and The Sigil Method

A dive into the world of Amy Sigil’s group improvisation formats ITS and The Sigil Method. We will be working with new content, new concepts, and new formations. Working the brain and the body while strengthing group communication and team spirit.

18-Mar Saturday 9am-1pm ZOE

Let’s get SMALL!: the art of the isolation

Ever watched a fusion belly dancer’s crazy precise isolations and thought: How do you DO that?
This workshop has many exercises to teach you step by step, how to DO that. Getting crisp sharp isolations and fluid transitions is an absolutely reachable goal, especially with Zoe’s expertise on the subject. Targeted training drills focusing on specific muscle groups, as well as sharpness and dynamics work, will all help you to become a sharper isolationist. This class is half mat work and half dance drills. Prepare to focus on strength training and range of motion work in the upper back and hips.

Each day we will be doing an hour long warm up and fusion bellydance drills, and then we explore all 3 topics in digestible mini workshops so that by the end of your time with me you will have been immersed in each topic for days!

18-Mar Saturday 2pm-4pm AMY

Movement for the SPIRIT

Connecting movement to the soul and spending energy in areas that inspire passion and growth. We will crack open our bodies and hearts to take a spiritual dance journey together. See you in the spirit.


19-Mar Sunday 9am-1pm ZOE

Lets get BIG! Own the floor with fabulous and fancy footwork

This Class is about sass, dynamics and contrast. You will learn how to work the floor, getting more confident with your spins and footwork and learning some great movements that really help your fusion bellydance stand out. This Jazz inspired class can really help a dancer showcase their own style and bring out their personality, and you will be encouraged to interpret the moves in your own way.

Each day we will be doing an hour long warm up and fusion bellydance drills, and then we explore all 3 topics in digestible mini workshops so that by the end of your time with me you will have been immersed in each topic for days!


12 – 17 Mar Mon – Fri see above ZOE


Spend 11 hours across 5 days learning a new and unique choreography for performance in FISSION with Zoe and Pixie! This will take place after regular class hours. You MUST enroll in the Fusion Adv/Pro or Pro tracks prior to signing up for this performance intensive.