12-Mar Saturday 9am-12:30pm AMY

I.T.S. All Levels

YES! I.T.S. is back for 2022 at Massive! I’ve had 2 years to hyper focus on the format and there are so many smart, challenging and FUN things I want to show you. This session is designed for movers of all levels. Get ready to have some fun with group improv!

12-Mar Saturday 2:30pm-6pm EBONY

Power of Balance: Precision and Flow

In this workshop, we will explore the contrasting qualities of sharp and relaxed movement, and how they can complement one another when we work to create harmony. We’ll practice combos that help us fine-tune sharp accents and stops, adding impactful punctuation to our movement vocabulary. The workshop will culminate with a dive into the relaxed and easeful qualities of dance in those same combos – striking a beautiful balance in between.

13-Mar Sunday 9am-1pm AMY

Improv Team Sync

Working with lead and follow positions, Improv Team Sync is a way to organize movers in a space, giving opportunities to both lead and listen. These formations change quickly like a game of chess and each player will have to pay close attention. Spatial awareness and teamwork come into play with every move. A super fun game with opportunities for movement expression, vocalization, reading comprehension and more.

13-Mar Sunday 3pm-6pm EBONY

Ebony’s Secrets To Polished Group Pieces

This workshop will provide you with a toolkit of best practices to elevate duets and group choreographies to stage-ready status. Practice exercises that establish and maintain stage presence, energy and intention decisions among a group. Learn insider tips and tricks to creating the cleanest formations, seamless transitions and perfectly synchronized technique and movements. *Notebook and pen recommended

14-Mar Monday 9am-1pm ZOE


In this workshop we explore different ways to hear and interpret music, A song will be stripped to its basic elements so that each part will stand out for the student, and become more accessible as inspiration. Through listening exercises we will work on how to build musicality, and through dance we will work on applying those listening skills to movement. The workshop builds each week, and the information will be used to give the dancer tools to strengthen their own personal relationship to music, and help them find their style along the way. This workshop is ideal for those looking to connect to music on a deeper level, and build their voice as artists.

14-Mar Monday 2pm-4pm SADIE


This workshop will be chock full Sadie’s favorite drill sets and combinations in a variety of styles!!!

15-Mar Tuesday 9am-1pm ZOE


This workshop provides insight for the technical and creative aspects of creating a strong improvisational voice onstage. Zoe will present clear and fun ways to up your improvisational game utilizing musicality, phrasing, and tips that she has picked up over her many years of performing. You will learn how to utilize different elements to bring variety to your solo, and how to create a beginning, middle and end…even without a planned choreography! By the end of this series you will have a clear plan for bringing these techniques into your practice routine, and a much greater understanding of how to make improvisation second nature!

15-Mar Tuesday 2pm-4pm KARIM

Finger Cymbal Revolution

• multi-sound system • ambidextrous technique • movement and steps while playing • rhythms and repertoire • accompaniment and soloing • creating an a cappella piece

16-Mar Wednesday 9am-1pm ZOE


Making choreography can feel like a daunting task, and finding that perfect balance between inspiration and a well thought out plan can be tricky. In this workshop Zoe will be helping dancers harness that creative energy! This workshop is suitable for anyone that is at the point where they are either beginning to make dances or have been creating for a while now. Zoe will lead the students through clear exercises and concept work that will allow the student to have useful tools for getting the creative juices flowing. Dancers will have a tool box of different methods to create choreography for solo acts and groups at the end of this workshop.

16-Mar Wednesday 2pm-4pm KARIM

Arab Folk Dance & Rhythms

• traditional dances from Egypt, North Africa, the Near East, Gulf and Iraq • history, culture and representation • group dance and solo performance • rhythm creation via clapping & voice • folk dance for social justice

17-Mar Thursday 9am-1pm KAMI


Technique refers to the skills required to perform the movement and preferred aesthetic of a dance genre. However technique will look different on every dancer based on how they are able to understand and embody the expectations of the form. This class aims to help dancers develop self-awareness through exploring movement in ways that work best for their own bodies. Let’s dive into developing our self-awareness to free ourselves from the expectation of perfection that is so common in dance training.

17-Mar Thursday 2pm-4pm AMY

Dance Church

Movement sequences with inspiration, depth and messages from the Universe. Come prepared to listen and embody.

18-Mar Friday 9am-1pm KAMI


It’s all in the details. Dynamic quality is the use of different measurements of energy to perform a movement. The ability to interpret music, demonstrate how it makes you feel, and emoting that feeling through movement takes a good dancer to a great one. A variety of movement exercises will explore dynamics, what they are and how to use them in our work and performances.

18-Mar Friday 2pm-4pm AMY

Dance Playground

Movement games designed to inspire content and spark creativity! One of my favorite things to do is … PLAY! Join me in the movement room for release, new ideas and some FUN! Bring knee pads so you feel free and safe to explore.

19-Mar Saturday 9am-1pm KAMI


Turning Your Weaknesses Into Strengths: Dancers tend to revel in their strengths and dwell on their weaknesses. Our time will be spent both moving and analyzing movement in order to pin point our strong points, weaknesses and the aspects that make us uniquely ourselves. This class will be full of self-reflection, discussion and stepping outside of our comfort zone, in a safe supportive space.