12-Mar Sunday 9am – 1pm JILLINA

Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution Intensive

Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution Intensive is sold out. 
In this intensive you will learn BDE & BDEx theatrical style choreographies, staging, costuming and valuable methods on how to put together a dance production.
This is a rare opportunity to get a taste of Bellydance Evolution style and as well as technique drills, staging concepts and production skills for creating theatrical dance and beyond.
In addition to the in person training you will recivece online material to practice at your own pace as well as personalized feedback from Jillina and Luna to help you discover your strengths and areas that need improving. This unique program is designed for dancers, directors and producers who are looking for a challenge and inspiration for a creativity.

12-Mar Sunday 2-5pm SADIE

SADIE – Shabbi & Sharqi

“Shabbi & Sharqi” Before it was Sharqi it was Shabbi, by the people for the people. Still today there is a difference in how people dance for entertainment or for fun.
This workshop will highlight many of the movements that are common in both styles.
and play with the techniques and nuance for each style in a series of fun drills and combinations!

13-Mar Monday 9am-1pm JILLINA

Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution Intensive

13-Mar Monday 2pm-5pm SADIE


“PHENOMENAL ABDOMINALS” This workshops puts the “Belly” in Bellydance! Sadie will take you step by step through a series of techniques; drills and combinations that will help you harness your powerhouse. This workshop will unleash your maximum potential! The techniques will help you to create unbelievable undulations, rolls, flutters, pelvic locks, mayas, sways and so much more! You will also get the benefit of a high intensity Ab workout! Let’s discover all the amazing things you can do with your abdominals?

14-Mar Tuesday 9am-1pm JILLINA

Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution Intensive

14-Mar Tuesday 2pm-5pm SADIE


“RAQ THE DRUM SOLO” Let the Queen of the Drum Solo take you on an exploration of her most exciting and challenging Drum Solo techniques and latest choreography! Sadie will break down her signature techniques and tricks-of-the-trade to help you develop stunning isolations and face paced combos. Then put it all into action with one of Sadie’s newest drum solo choreographies.

15-Mar Wednesday 9am-1pm JILLINA

Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution Intensive

15-Mar Wednesday 1pm-9pm HAFLA!

Shopping & Community Hafla! 

Come join us for an incredible shopping experience with 10 fantastic vendors from around the world, each with must have treasures! Local dancers will be entertaining throughout the evening. Free to attend! 

16-Mar Thursday 9am-12pm JILLINA

Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution Intensive

16-Mar Thursday 2pm-4pm SADIE

SADIE – Black Panther

Proprioception is the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within our body.
We are often focused on aesthetic trends within dance. How does it look, and how do I look. To take our dance to the next level we need to ask how does it feel and how do I translate what I feel through movement.
Proprioception is how we show up on stage!
Technique is just the foundation. We must also explore meaning, feeling, exploration and the dialogue between emotion and movement.
If you haven’t internalized the movement, if it doesn’t have meaning to you, if it doesn’t behave as a response mechanism in your body and it doesn’t reach your audience.
Let’s discover the power of movement within your body and have you creating through embodied reaction and response.

17-Mar Friday 9am-1pm JILLINA

Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution Intensive

17-Mar Friday 2pm-4pm SADIE

SADIE – Tarab

“Tarab” Affecting your audience with your performance and presence can be one of the most rewarding experiences of dancing. In Arabic there is a word to hint to this feeling, it is Tarab. While it is mostly associated with the ecstatic state that can be induced by music, especially live music, we can absolutely tap into the power of Tarab as dancers and even bring our audience on the Tarab wave with us. The concepts presented in this workshop will helps dancers open up to the possibility of experiencing Tarab for themselves and through the use of movement and choreography, help dancers open and express Tarab in their dance!

18-Mar Saturday 9am-1pm JILLINA


Jillina is known the world over for her drum solos. In this class with a live drummer – the fabulous Ozzy – they will break down how to work with a live drummer, and nail the drum solo that will “bring down the house”! 

18-Mar Saturday 2pm-4pm SADIE


Who doesn’t love the fun and lively Arabic Pop song. As a dancer, having an Arabic pop song and dance in your repertoire is absolutely essential. It is so versatile and a total crowd pleaser. In this workshop Sadie will hi-light many of the traditional Egyptian moves and add some zest and variety to give you a fresh and exciting pop choreography ready for you to take and perform anywhere!!

19-Mar Sunday 9am-1pm SADIE

SADIE – StageCraft & Combos ~ Drop-In Workshop!

This workshop will throw in everything and the kitchen sink. We will work on stagecraft, presence, entrances, exits and put it all into some fun and creative combos. Please bring a veil!