12-Mar Saturday 3-6pm RACHID

Rachids Technique and combination

In this workshop Rachid will teach you his signature moves and technique: from the very basic Egyptian style moves to his advanced snaky style undulations. Join the workshop to polish your technique, learn new combinations and fluid transitions.

13-Mar Sunday 9am-1pm SADIE


The veil is a great teacher and enhances qualities in our dance that are difficult to develop otherwise. The veil just may be the tool you need to take your dance to the next level!
Add an ethereal mood, emotion and facilitate magic in the air!

13-Mar Sunday 2pm-6pm RACHID

1001 shimmies and Drum solo Choreography

SIn this workshop Rachid will share over 10 different types of shimmies. Some of the shimmies that will be taught are: Freeze shimmies, Vibration shimmy, Lebanese step shimmy, Rotation shimmy, Samba shimmy, and more. In the second part of the workshop we will work on a drum solo choreography. Rachid will also explain his technique how to execute sharp & strong locks and pops for a dynamic drum solo. Participant can choose to perform this choreography with Rachid on stage in his 3 part show on Friday

14-Mar Monday 9am-1pm SADIE

Sadie’s Ultimate Drills and Combinations!

This workshop will be chock full Sadie’s favorite drill sets and combinations in a variety of styles!!!

14-Mar Monday 2pm-4pm RACHID

Oriental technique

In this workshop where Rachid will teach several typical Egyptian style moves, and the technique to execute the steps elegantly in style. Different isolation moves will be taught and practiced on several combinations; from choreographed music pieces from Oum Kaltoum classics to oriental pop songs. This workshop is essential for participant that would like to dance Rachid’s Oriental choreo on Friday.

15-Mar Tuesday 9am-1pm KARIM

Finger Cymbal Revolution

• multi-sound system • ambidextrous technique • movement and steps while playing • rhythms and repertoire • accompaniment and soloing • creating an a cappella piece

15-Mar Tuesday 12:30pm-3:30pm RACHID

Oriental choreography (with veil intro)

In this workshop you will learn an Oriental choreography that will be performed on Friday in the Performance intensive group show. Participants can choose to be part of the group that will perform on stage.

16-Mar Wednesday 9am-12pm SADIE

Splendor of the Nile

Oriental theatrical dance. Inspired by dramatic and emotionally enticing Arabian musical compositions. This workshop we will explore theatrical dance with an Oriental twist.
You may want to bring dance attire that will inspire your creativity and curiosities. Bring at least one, but preferably two veils.

16-Mar Wednesday 2pm-4pm RACHID


In this class Rachid will teach a small Balady choreography. Participants can choose to perform in the group show on Friday. It is recommended to take the Monday Oriental technique workshop with Rachid as we will focus more on the steps and combinations of the choreography in this workshop

17-Mar Thursday 9am-11am KARIM

Arab Folk Dance & Rhythms

• traditional dances from Egypt, North Africa, the Near East, Gulf and Iraq • history, culture and representation • group dance and solo performance • rhythm creation via clapping & voice • folk dance for social justice

17-Mar Thursday 12:30pm-3pm RACHID

Group show prep, all 3 choreography’s with performance group

In this class we will practice all the 3 shows for the Friday performance. Attendance in this class is essential for all participants that will be performing in the Friday show. In this class we will practice all the 3 choreography’s of the show in the right order.

18-Mar Friday 9am-1pm SADIE


Sadie is known for her incredible drum solo skills!
In this workshop she will break down her signature techniques and tricks-of-the-trade to help you develop stunning isolations, accents and transitions. Then put it all into action with one of Sadie’s newest drum solo choreographies.

18-Mar Friday 2pm-4pm RACHID

Friday 2-4pm Show rehearsal at studio then head to venue

In this time together, we will practice and rehearse the show, work on the last details and spice up the performances. Be ready to shine and delight the audience. After the class we will head straight to the theater to prep on stage, and get ready – so please bring your costuming and makeup to class so you can take it straight to the theater.