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Amanda Pittoreska from Switzerland dances and trains Fusion Bellydance passionately for over 13 years – accompanied by other dance styles and forms of movement such as Yoga Pilates and Fitness. Her development as a dancer has taken her across Europe and the US to study with the most prestigious representatives of the scene such as Samantha Emanuel Anasma Rachel Brice Kami Liddle the Orchidaceae Dance Company Zoe Jakes or Mira Betz.

Meanwhile Amanda works internationally as an instructor and performer. She has performed at events like the Tribal Fest in California, the Massive Spectacular in Las Vegas or the Theatrical Bellydance Conference NY as well as various events all over Europe. She taught workshops in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Austria. In 2014 she opened the Studio Pittoreska in St. Gallen Switzerland where she teaches regularly, hosts guest instructors and organizes events.

In addition to her continuous dance practice in belly dance as well as Urban Dance styles including the Orchidaceae Dance Intensive in Lisbon she concentrates more and more on further health promoting movement concepts in particular Pilates, Spiraldynamik® (an acknowledged movement and therapy concept) and Fitness. Amanda is a certified 8 Elements Datura Style™ Teacher POLESTAR® Pilates Trainer Mat Dipl. Spiraldynamik® Specialist Level Intermediate and Group Fitness instructor.


Antonella Sciahina is well known for her precise and strong technique and her original and passionate performances. Her unique style is the result of studying different styles of dance and disciplines like modern and contemporary dance, popping, odissi, yoga, drama and different styles of belly dance with the add of an eclectic personal taste, a creative musicality and a spicy personality. Her style of teaching is famous to be generous, passionate and detailed, always focused on pushing the boundaries of her students.

After she graduated in Cinema Studies, she worked in the film industry as assistant director before she decided to dedicate herself completely to dance and fitness. She has been studing belly dance for 20 years and since 2009 she has been traveling along the globe to study with all the masters teachers of the Tribal Fusion style.

She never stops learning, and working to accomplish her dance and fitness formation. She started teaching belly dance in 2002 and she is a certified Pilates Instructor, a Datura Style™ by Rachel Brice certified teacher and an Integrated Dance by Ashley Lopez certified Instructor. She is in process of acquiring the whole DanceCraft certification by Zoe Jakes.

She teaches regularly in Rome and she has been teaching workshops and intensives all over Italy and also in other European countries (Hungary, Spain, Belgium, France). She is the Director of the Aradia Spell Dance Association located in Rome which promotes classes, workshops, shows and events like the rekwown Tribal Fusion Express International Dance Festival.


Aradia has performed as a soloist through out the United States, Canada, Barbados, Egypt and Switzerland. She has danced at many of the top hotels, restaurants and clubs in Las Vegas, as well as performing for Celine Dion's wedding at Caesar's Palace, BlockBuster's premiere opening for "The Mummy" at MGM, and Maxim Magazine's party at the VMA's in Las Vegas. She has appeared in several TV spots on Discovery, Bravo and the Travel Channel. Aradia is a sought after instructor and choreographer, her professionalism and friendly personality make her one fo the most requested dancers in Las Vegas.

Aradia's love for Middle Eastern dance began at the age of 7, a second generation belly dance, and daughter to Serene, Aradia immediately fell in love with the passion and beauty of the dance, and knew this was her calling. Her style is unique, with an authenticity appreciated by her Middle Eastern audiences. She has diligently worked to become a well-rounded dancer in Egyptian, Lebanese and Turkish oriental dance, as well as the many folkloric dances that comprise the Middle East and North Africa.

Aradia has refrained from studying any of the classical dance forms, such as ballet and jazz, in an attempt to maintain an ethnic purity in her dance style, yet, she continues to be a lifelong student studying with top dancers from around the world, in a quest to expand her knowledge, and understanding of the Middle Eastern culture and dance.

Aradia's performances are full of energy and strength, layered with fluid technique, musicality, artistic emotion and passion. She is truly a dancers dancer, through her extensive training, and sheer joy form creating her art, which is evident in her smile. Aradia currently teaches workshops, master classes and lectures at Universities, and directs her own professional dance company; Aradia and The Ra Dancers.


Deb Rubin, MA, CMT, RYT, is an internationally acclaimed teacher/performer of tribal fusion belly dance, who proudly emerged from the vibrant, world-renown San Francisco Bay Area scene - the mecca of where it all began, during a pivotal time in the global expansion of tribal fusion. Coined “The Queen of Slink” for her captivating performance style that gracefully blends the roots of ancient gypsy spirit, with art nouveau charm and contemporary elements, she has graced stages, theaters, clubs, speakeasies, and music festivals all over the world. Deb currently teaches workshops and retreats around the globe, fusing yoga, tribal fusion belly dance, performance artistry, and therapeutics as pathways for embodied artistry.

Deb got her tribal roots as a member of the groundbreaking Ultra Gypsy Dance Theater, under direction of Jill Parker, known by many as the creator of modern tribal fusion belly dance, and Deb’s first teacher. She is also grateful to her other main teachers studying with for over a decade: Carolena Nericcio, Suhaila Salimpour, Zoe Jakes, Heather Stants, and Rachel Brice, who she had the honor of assisting at Tribal Massive 2008. Deb is the director of Project Merkaba Dance Company, founder of Deb Rubin Dance Alchemy online school and Embodied Artistry trainings, and creator of SF Mecca Immersion—the pioneering educational training/retreat into the heart and soul of San Francisco Tribal.

Deb looks back fondly on this special time in her dance path, and in the evolution of Tribal Fusion, and is deeply humbled and grateful to have been a part of that pioneering and vibrant artistic community of music and dance in the San Francisco Bay Area, having had the opportunities to learn from and dance with her biggest inspirations in the genre, known as the pioneers. She attributes much of her artistic style and early influences to her immersion in the life, tribe, and cultural fabric of the Bay Area Bohemian counterculture, and now fuses that with her 30+yrs of dedicated study/performing or dance and movement arts in many genres (jazz, contemporary, ballet, contact improvisation, acroyoga, gymnastics, West African dance, 5 Rhythms, and Classical Indian dance).

A yoga teacher, bodyworker, and somatic specialist for over 2 decades, Deb helps people unwind trauma, tension, and limiting patterns from body and mind, and get out of pain, so that they can move with ease, depth, mastery, and grace, radically uplevel their dance technique and creative expression, optimize performance, and confidently and powerfully step into their leadership. Deb is the creator of Dance Therapeutics Movement Mastery multi-level training format, providing dancers with the tools, structure, methods and path for both dance development and personal transformation, while learning how to unlock body pain, uplevel your dance ability, unleash creative power, improve technique and stage artistry.

Deb was named “The Best Kept Secret in Tribal” by Fuse magazine, 2011. Her articles are published in Yoga Journal magazine and Fuse Magazine. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and Pre-Med from Princeton University, an MA in holistic health education from JFK University (including an emphasis on Somatics and Somatic Psychology); Massage and Bodywork training certifications from San Francisco School of Massage, and Sunshine Network in Chaing Mai, Thailand, Yoga Teacher Training from Integrative Yoga Therapy, and is currently getting her eRYT-500 hours under the guidance of Shiva Rea and the Samudra Global School for Living Yoga.

With 20 yrs. experience working in the field of mind/body medicine, and 30+ years in the dedicated study and performance of dance (many genres), Deb has created her Dance Therapeutics multi-leveled, accredited training program and apprenticeships as a pathway to support dancers in deepening their self-care, body (somatic) intelligence, and dance/movement empowerment WHILE providing the methods and system to hone your craft, grow your movement vocab, and reach your dance/performance goals. Blending the best of science and artistry, the ancient wisdom of Yoga with the modern science of fascia, somatics, and trauma unwinding, the program offers healthy tools to refine dancers'; artistic medium (the body) for optimal performance both on the stage in the life, continuing to push the edges of exploring human potential, flow states, and performance optimization through an integrated approach.


FoxycatAlice is a professional worldwide belly dance teacher and performer. She dances from the soul and fuels her movements from her feelings, preferring improvisation on stage. Even her teaching has often been thought of as a creative performance. She has been teaching workshops and judging bellydance competitions in Egypt's Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival since 2018, and has traveled to Germany, Singapore, Japan, Vitnam, Taiwan, and more.

She also taught Bellydance on the ATV (Asia Television Limited) in 2014-2015, and had interviews by the TVB (Hong Kong Television) - and was interviewed for Germany's DUS TV station, as well as 'Thế Giới Văn Hóa Vietnam. She is the chairlady of Asia Tribal Belly Dance Association; and the Organizer of the International Bellydance festivals in Hong Kong - "Tribal Kong" and "Oriental Mystery."






Kamrah is Chicago’s first trans masculine belly dancer. They have been dancing since 2001, and have traveled all over the country to teach and perform in multiple styles of belly dance. Kamrah is known for their killer isolations, creativity, and theatrical pieces.

Kamrah is dedicated to the safe and effective practice of belly dance, and passes their knowledge as a scientist, a martial artist, and massage therapist on to their students.