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    9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    •  Amanda Pittoreska Be Water, My Friend! Following the quote from Bruce Lee, we rediscover our form. We create illusions through different qualities of movement and breathe new dynamics, contrasts and expression into our dance through this adaptability. Well-known Fusion Belly Dance technique blends with intuition, visualization, movement flow, musicality and body awareness.

    “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee

    •  Joline Andrade Leaving the Comfort Zone Training through codes of Modern Dance for learning a new repertoire of movements. Several Modern Dance styles will be introduced and explored through different spatial possibilities. Then, possible relationships between the concept of qualities of movement will be studied. How the LABAN Motion Factors (Space, Time, Weight and Flow) can help us in the identification and embodiment of qualities in dance?

    9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    •  Antonella Sciahina Yin & Yang Life is made of contrasts and dance is a representation of life itself, which is why contrasts make our dance so beautiful, intriguing and surprising just like life is. In this workshop we will learn how we can make our dance very interesting to watch through an extreme body control. After practicing our technique by means of drills and gradually more and more intricate layerings aimed at stimulating our musicality, we will play with the dynamics of time and space to create irresistible contrasts through original dance combos. And then, with the study of a choreography, we will learn how to blend different dances vocabularies modulating opposing energies and qualities and thus obtain a unique charming result.

  • 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM
    •  Hannah Lilly The Flapper, The Starlet, The Pin-Up: Vintage Glamour Archetypes We’ll begin by examining three of America’s classic yet controversial beauties. We’ll look at the historical context, cultural attitudes, and aesthetics specific to each archetype. Expect to be guided on an imagery-rich quest to capture inspiration from vintage glamour (and grit!) and create connections to your story. We will then transition into movement, using our dancer’s toolbox to embody the timeless essence of the Flapper, the Starlet, and the Pin-Up.

    *Bring Your Lunch!

    •  Kimberly Larkspur Compound, Complex, and Completely Comprehensible: Taking the Mystery Out of Rhythm and Meter Rhythm and meter go far beyond what 8-counts can navigate. Get a firm grasp on how to break down, count, and notate simple, compound, and asymmetrical meters (those fancy 5/8,7/8, and 10/8's, for instance). Learn the difference between a waltz, a 6/8, a 3/4 rhythm, and that insidious trickster the triplet. Appropriate for all levels. Music theory in an easily-digestible format, who could ask for more!

    *Lecture Style - Bring Your Lunch!

  • 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    •  Michelle Sorensen Floatation Devices Want more air-like quality in your dance? More lift in your movements? Silkiness comes with strength. In this workshop, we’ll spend a longer time on conditioning with some of my very favorite exercises to help develop more CONTROL. Afterwards, we’ll explore some combinations filled with moments of suspension and release and leave feeling like you’re floating on cloud 9!

    4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    •  Valenteena Ianni
    THE KILLER S.F.S.:Studies for Sharpness, Fluidity and Smoothness from the Killer Path Training Method Valenteena's routines mix several arms combinations with hips shapes and movements into the space, in order to develop harmony and softness even at high speed. You will practice to mix the sharp with the smooth at the same time, bringing home new exercises and routines for your training practice. To maximize the experience, at the end of the workshop, Valenteena will incorporate these combinations in a mysterious and dramatic choreography.

    •  Foxycat Alice Thai Dai Fusion Bellydance Choreography Embrace mystery and elegance, speak with your hands like a Thai Goddess, learn the unique Peacock hand movements of Dai style in this Thai fusion bellydance class.

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    9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    •  Rin Laby(rin)th Navigate away from the maze of over-thinking with experimental exercises designed to invite you into presence. Dissolve the seams between movement, music, and moment, with an abstract short choreography. Arrive into the world with your own fresh perspective for dance practice and beyond!

    •  Karolina Lux Fresh and Fierce Lines In this class, we will drill fierce arm and hand positions to bring new dimensions to your fusion dancing, giving you a whole new toolbox of movement concepts to pull from. Challenge yourself to go to another level of layering by integrating complex, powerful shapes from street and club dance styles such as tutting and waacking. Learn the origins and cultural roots of these diverse styles, drill ornate and beautiful arm and hand positions to bring new dimensions to your fusion. Karolina will push your physicality, endurance, and mental stamina to new realms. We will focus on precise technique, drilling, work on fusion combos with belly dance layers, and end in a small choreography. This class is smart, fun, and fresh! Let Karolina Lux lead you down the rabbit hole to discover Neo Bellydance TM and learn to tell your story with a new voice.

    •  Ayana Gently and Strong: A Fusion Choreography We as dancers can be as gentle and soft as we are strong and powerful. We combine these opposing elements in a soulful and expressive choreography. Bring your feelings out and be as gentle and strong as you are wtih this choreography - Express yourself!

  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    •  Sara Lyn Liquid Metal: Sharp As Nails, Smooth As Whiskey This workshop will be divided into three parts! Part 1: a focus on conditioning for strength and endurance mixed with drills and layering patterns to challenge the body and mind! Get ready to work up a sweat right away! Part 2: a deep dive into slowww, gooey combos where we melt away the transitions from one move to the next. This is all about fluidity and muscle control. Part 3: wrapping it all up into a dynamic choreography with the contrasting elements from parts 1 & 2. Think lightening fast triple hits followed by slow serpentine flow.. instead of dancing to the music, we will become the song! Ooey gooey goodness with a bang!

    *Yoga mat is optional for conditioning exercises. I will have a few extras for those who cannot bring them on their travels.

    •  Serena Spears Dynamite and Fireworks: The Art of Harnessing Raw Power Let's find your inner potential energy and turn it into something kinetic! We will work with exercises designed to draw up explosive power and strength from the body and then we will learn to direct that energy from raw power into refined movement. There will be stationary and traveling movement drills to add to your toolbox and you can expect an exciting musical journey to accompany us. This is an all-levels class and modifications for movement are always available. You'll leave sweaty but smiling.

    •  Kelli Li Fusion Flow on the Floor Kelli Li will lead you in creative experiments with movements which are inspired by Contemporary Technique, Yoga, and Animal Flow, married with Tribal Fusion. Dancers will explore how to control and release their bodies in different ways, while creating a new level of space to perform within!

    *Please wear long sleeves, socks, and knee pads to help you glide along the marley floor.

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    9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    •  Aradia of LV The Sensual Art of Golden Era Egyptian Dance Join Aradia as we weave through the intoxicating style of Egyptian dance featured in the cinemas during the 1940’s. We will look at the cultural significance and technique that lay the foundation for our modern day standard of middle Eastern dance.

    9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    •  Deb Rubin Sinewy Depth and Serpentine Spirals: A Dance Therapeutics Approach It’s time for a deep dive. Are you ready to explore beyond the ‘WHAT’ we do in our dance vocab, into “HOW” to actually deepen your movement quality, create more tension, control, and dynamics in your dancing, build intoxicating richness and subtleties in your sinewy, serpentine slink, and truly launch your dance to the next level of your desires? It’s all in the fascia. (wink wink) Get a taste of how to use Deb’s Dance Therapeutics methods to strategically unlock, unwind, strengthen and prep your body, to give you deeper access to more of your sinewy control, refinement, and awaken your spiral intelligence.

    Learn to move like intoxicating honey, fluid grace, and powerful presence as you access deeper layers of your core. Come experience a body breakthrough to help you elevate both your technique and artistry to the next level. And have fun exploring your new found body freedom and control through tribal refinement flow drills and brand new modern fusion combos highlighting Deb’s signature fluidity and serpentine stylization. It’s technique, artistry, and therapeutics rolled into one! The trifecta of a serious dancer’s toolkit.

    *Please bring yoga mat, strap or scarf, and socks.

    •  Horus Mozarabe Tensegrity Tensegrity, a blend of tension and integrity. In architecture we can see this concept in structures of impressive rigidity that are composed of compressive bars and elastic cables. Also applied to biological structures, such as the muscular-skeletal system, bones as bars and muscles or the connective tissue as the elastic cables. Continuous tension and compression keeps the integrity of the structure.

    We can easily apply this concept to understand body movement itself, when raising the leg, we keep the balance because our bodies are built uopn this tensegrity propriety. We can further deepen and apply this concept analogously to the musical structure where the instruments work like the bars and the musical notes like elastic cables, maintaining the integrity (harmony) of the musical piece.

    The aim of this workshop will be correlate dance movement and this tridimensional image of the music. Working on our body and musical awareness we will build this structure where the body and music play as the bars and dance movement as the cables.

    As the choreographer Jennifer Muller said, “You have to be with the music. Not follow the music, but be with the music, be part of the music.” This class will present guidelines so that you can develop your musicality in order to mentally construct this tensigrity structure. Later we will apply this concept in the movement itself, understanding how the body works in this dynamic way so you can translate and materialize it into your performance thus creating such an open image that anyone can find something or a place that can mean something for themselves!

  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    •  Kamrah Strange and Unusual Do the unexpected! Fuse unusual movements – twitches, creepy movements and undulations, killer isolations, and screaming fast, explosive hits with belly dance. Learn the foundations of each of these movements and how to safely incorporate them into your dance. Class includes strength conditioning, an explanation of the theory behind the movements, drills, and a creepy combo.

    •  Olga Meos Massive-ly Unique Choreography Are you ready to get an ocean of inspiration, a sea of practice, and a mountain of new choreography; including super slow and super-fast combinations, layering and transitions, sass and shtick - that work of all parts of the body? Then this is the workshop for you! Not only will we move, we will also discuss the most important moments of the performance: where to start, how to 'set the scenes' on stage, how to use the space of the stage, and how to finish your piece with impact!

    •  Maki Arai Embodying Characters Through the choreography, creating a body to express. We will find out the control of isolation, the body catching, and the embodying characters.

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